New Online Poultry Resources Available for 2020

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With everything going on in the world right now, we know there is a lot of uncertainty about many things. At NC State Extension, we have created new poultry resources and collaborated with other organizations to bring you information on various poultry topics.

Many of you may have decided to start your own backyard flock with new chicks. We have created a video called “Chick Brooding – Tips & Tricks” that discusses how to set up your brooder, what supplies and equipment you need, and what to expect with your new chicks. Here is the YouTube link for the video. This video is part of a larger project through NC Choices that can be found here: Pastured Poultry- Webinar Series. We have resources available for you on the following pastured poultry topics: Management, Nutrition, Infrastructure, Processing, and Health. There are other species resources too!

We are also working on a poultry processing project with NC Choices. We will be adding videos on how to cut up a whole chicken with our Family and Consumer Sciences agents and how to store bulk chicken from the many current chicken sales according to proper food safety and handling guidelines. You can check out the resources we currently have available here: Poultry Processing Resources from NC Choices.

Resources currently include: Getting Started and FAQs, The Basics of Meat Processing, and Poultry Processing Resources.

NC State Extension also has a social media presence. Many county offices have Facebook pages and YouTube channels, so be sure to search for your county’s Facebook page and YouTube channels to keep up with current events and view how-to videos on various topics. The Area Specialized Poultry Agents also have a Facebook page.

NC State Extension has many great backyard flock resources, but one you may find especially helpful is the Keeping Garden Chickens publication that can be found here: Keeping Garden Chickens in North Carolina

Other resources are available too:

General poultry flock resources

National Poultry Improvement Plan

Small Flock Registration and Disease Tracking

Poultry Licensing Forms

N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Meat and Poultry Law

NC Egg Law

NC Egg Law information from NC State Extension

NCDA&CS Ag Review

NCDA&CS Disease Laboratory System

And be on the lookout for another Home Flock Series with the Area Specialized Poultry Agents! If we can assist you with any of your backyard poultry questions or you would like to be added to the poultry listserv so you will receive information on upcoming poultry events in your area, please email me at

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Updated on May 29, 2020
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