Hurricane Dorian Livestock Preparations

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With Hurricane Dorian approaching it is important that we have emergency plans in place for ourselves as well as our livestock. Here are a few precautions that can be done to ensure that everyone makes it out of the storm as safe as possible:

  • Evacuate your animals if you are not sure if they are safe. Contact Katie Carter Area Livestock Agent for more information.
  • Mark livestock with some form of identification with animal’s name, owner’s name, phone number, and address. Ear tags are in Craven, Jones, and Pamlico County Extension offices to braid into manes of horses.
  • Make sure that fencing and shelter is adequate enough to hold up during the storm.
  • Have enough feed and hay on hand to last a few weeks.
  • Have a small first aid kit stocked and ready to go. This can include cut ointment, gauze, vet wrap, and anything else that you feel may be necessary, for example medication the animal is already taking.
  • Have a safe place to take animals after the storm if damage is too great on your property to safely house your animals. This also includes a trailer and multiple routes to and from your farm to the safe farm in case of flooding and roads being impassable.
  • If the pasture that is housing your livestock starts flooding and there is no dry area for your animals to go, let them out. Animals will find a dry, safe place to weather out the storm. We can always find them after the storm. If you end up having to turn your animals loose please contact Katie Carter so other emergency responders will be made aware of the situation and assistance can be given to locate the animals after the storm.

These are just a few things that can be done to ensure that livestock and owners weather Hurricane Dorian as safely as possible. If you need more information on safety, resources, have questions, or where to evacuate livestock in Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties please contact Katie Carter, Livestock Agent at (252) 876-5606.

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Katie Carter, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionKatie CarterArea Agent, Agriculture - Livestock Call Katie E-mail Katie N.C. Cooperative Extension, Jones County Center
Updated on Sep 3, 2019
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