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Completing a 4-H Project Record Made Easy

Project Records are the place where you document all you have done this calendar year.

Taking the time to complete record your project along the way builds a valuable life skill.


If you haven’t done so, write your 4-H Story. This is everything that 4-H has done in your life. Even as a new beginner, write down how you got to this point. Each year, you will add to this story and submit it with your 4-H Project Record. Make your 4-H project plan. Pick a topic and brainstorm all of the things you want to do around that topic this year.


What is leadership? Brainstorm possible leadership opportunities on a variety of levels. Record these goals in your project record book or journal.


What is citizenship and civic engagement? Brainstorm possible opportunities. Record these in your project record book or journal.


What is Community Service? Brainstorm possible opportunities. Make a plan with your club to do a group community service project. Record these in your project record book or journal.


Do a Civic Engagement Project. May is a great time to celebrate our military, local heroes. As school ends and we approach District Activity Day, make sure to record any awards you may have received.


Do a Community Service Project with your club, your family, at a 4-H event, or individually.


Check-in on your project plans. Update Section 3 with those things you have done and still want to do. Now is a great time to start organizing pictures and making your “scrapbook” section.


Update the awards section. State-level competitions are finishing and some are coming up. You have worked hard! Make sure to get the credit!


Update Section 3 with your summer successes. Make a plan for those things you still want to do. Look over your other sections. Are there places you still need to work on? Make a plan to add to them.


Do your memories pages. Remember only 6 sides of paper. Your extension office may have scrapbooking embellishments to help with this.


Finish Civic Engagement activities. Remember Veteran’s Day, election day, and Thanksgiving are great opportunities to add activities to your project.


Revisit your 4-H story. Add all of the fun things you did this year. Complete Section 1 and make your goals for next year. Now you just have to compile and make your final copy to submit to your county 4-H professional! Good Luck!