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4-H Projects – Learning Something New All Year Long

A 4-H project is a collection of experiences based around a specific topic.

These experiences are a huge range of everything you have done in a calendar year. Your 4-H community (parents, club members, volunteers, 4-H agents, and others) will help you learn about upcoming opportunities you might be interested in. 4-H Projects are year-long individually designed educational experiences. Youth pick a topic to explore and pursue learning experiences centered on that topic, January through December.

Community Service

Community Service

Categories include:

  • Animal Science
  • Citizenship & Civic Education
  • Communication & Expressive Arts
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Environmental Science
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Personal Development & Leadership
  • Plant Science Science & Technology

Youth can pick any topic of interest from archery to horse and from gardening to rockets. This is what makes 4-H so great! 4-H then offers a variety of activities to learn more and youth are able to pursue individual experiences as well. Make sure to write it all down in your 4-H Project Record!

These activities may include:

  • Hands-on Experience – Raise an animal, grow a garden, build furniture, etc.
  • Field Trips – go with your family, club or school to explore a location related to your project Interviews – share time with a professional working in your project field
  • Camps or Classes – take a 4-H class or another camp on your topic
  • Teach Others – hold a class to teach others (4-H has lots of opportunities to do this!)
  • Presentations – share your knowledge in a school or 4-H presentation
  • Competitions – 4-H has lots of opportunities to compete to earn awards & incentives
  • Research – books, internet, journals, library – limitless!
  • Showcase at Fair – Lenoir County Fair, NC State Fair and so much more!
  • Club or County Meeting – see your 4-H agent for a club to join or our next county event to share your experience with others! If you have trouble starting, 4-H has many curriculum guides with lots of activities. Here is more information on how to complete a 4-H Project Record. If you need help talk to your club leader or 4-H Agent.