2020 4-H Presentations

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4-H Presentations

4-H Presentations are being held electronically this year by filming your presentation and sending in the unedited recording! There will be signups to practice with Mrs. Samantha over Zoom so you can receive constructive feedback and practice your delivery before the final filming. These time slots will be available on June 8-11, 2020. Entries for District Activity Day will be pre-recorded and submitted as a video file by June 12 to Mrs. Samantha. After DAD, 4-H’ers who advance to NC 4-H State Congress will have an opportunity to incorporate judges’ feedback and record again.

Participants are required to have an active account at 4HOnline. Login to update or create an account for free!

Contact Mrs. Samantha at sjwiggin@ncsu.edu or 252-521-6114 for more information and to register!